summarize a particular debate or controversy

| February 4, 2014

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write a paragraph of 9 to 12 sentences in which you summarize a particular debate or controversy. Ideally , this should be a topic that you know personally or through close observation, such as a debate in your community or region, your vocation, your studies, or your artistic or other pursuits. Summarize two or three arguments made on the opposing sides; include useful supporting details. Conclude your summary with one or two sentences of analysis reflecting on possible effects or implications of the controversy. Alternatively, you might summarize a debate from a recent current affairs program, such as counterspin (CBCTV), or a reputable online exchange forum, and conclude with several sentences of analysis. See “For Further Thinking” entries in The Reader for ideas about possible sites. One example is open Democracy, which invites citizens to debate “the most pressing issues of our time” at . Be sure to respect privacy issues and confidentiality. Fictionalize names of places, organizations, and people if there seems any chance that your remarks could be considered injurious.
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Summarize an Argument


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