Sulfur Element

| March 23, 2015

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This is an individual assessment task, where you are challenged to generate a review of; 

1) the geochemical cycle of an element within the different reservoirs of the earth, 

2) the distribution of the element in the solar system, and; 

3) the use of the isotopes of the element in understanding geochemical and/or cosmochemical processes

You will then use these findings to write a brief overview of how the element cycles between the different reservoirs in the Earth over the geological time

What you will do:

1. The assigned element to research: 
• Sulfur (S)

2. Review the distribution of the element in the major geochemical reservoirs in the Earth: core, mantle, crust and atmosphere.

3. Review the distribution of the element in surficial environments related to weathering, sedimentation and biological processes.

4. Review the use of the isotopes of the element for age dating and/or stable isotope fractionation.

5. Describe the mechanisms and pathways of fractionation that lead to transfer of the element between different geochemical reservoirs.

6. Your research paper will include an introduction that defines the element

7. Group the main body of your research paper into informative sub-headings that relate back and are meaningful to your problem/management actions/solutions.

8. Include pictures, tables, graphs or conceptual diagrams if this helps the discussion of key concepts, but all tables, figures or diagrams must be referred to in the text.

9. To conclude the research paper you should synthesis the information presented to demonstrate the usefulness of the element’s chemistry to understanding the present state of the Earth.


1) Minimum 15 References (no more than two none peer reviewed sources) they both have to be in the reference list and in-text ciataion. otherwise i wont accept the research paper, REMEMEBER the intext-citations is very critical. once you bring or write any information in the report please cite the reference , example (author, date) after each information u brought from the research.

2) please chech the Criteria and Standards for Grading and make sure that the report fits the criteria for good mark


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