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| July 9, 2016

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complete the following elements of your SSP by applying the following traditional strategic thinking tools: Organizational Strategy Type Analysis and an Action Plan Analysis.


A brief description of each element follows:


Organizational Strategy Type Analysis


Identify your chosen organization’s strategy type (i.e. customer-relations strategy, differentiation strategy, low-cost strategy). Explain whether you think your company should be following that strategy and why.


Action Plan Analysis


Create an Action Plan for your organization. Identify the actions you think the organization should take to implement the strategy you selected in your Organizational Strategy Type Analysis. Include a time line with specific milestones for implementing each action (for example, 1-year milestone, 5-year milestone, etc.) and performance measurements to indicate the successful implementation of the plan.

All analyses in this section of the paper must be supported by concrete evidence and draw on previous analyses. Your paper should include proper APA citations and adhere to all guidelines of APA style. Continue to work on the SSP using the SSP Template.


Submission should include the following (with exact sections/headers per the SSP Template):

1.Introduction (at beginning of SSP after cover page)

2.Executive Summary (completed for Week 7—leave blank for Week 4)

3.Stakeholder Identification and Value Analysis

4.General Force Analysis

5.Porter’s Five Forces Industry Analysis

6.Value Chain & Relative Core Competency and Resource Analysis

7.Detailed SWOT Analysis

8.Analyzing the Company Strategy Type

9.Action Plan Analysis

10.References (per APA 6th edition manual)

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