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| April 9, 2015

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CE 3362 – Structural Analysis, Fall 2014 Professional Assignments1
Two of the course outcomes correspond to the course objective: Familiarity with professional and contemporary issues. These outcomes are listed below:
 Familiarity with contemporary issues in structural engineering
 Familiarity with professional and ethical issues and the importance of lifelong learning in structural
The following two professional assignments are given to measure the above two outcomes.

Professional Assignment 1 – Contemporary Issue (40 points)
Introduction: In recent years researchers have been developing innovative structures and devices to enhance safety against natural and man-made hazards. One such research is the development of structural control to reduce the wind and seismic responses of buildings and bridges. Other examples related to contemporary issues in structural engineering may be found in the professional articles above or in technical journals such as: (1) Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE; and (2) Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE. The Library has both of these journals. You may also find other articles by searching the Google Scholar ( or the ASCE Library Search ( If the ISU Library does not have the publications that you need, you should consider requesting them through the ISU Interlibrary Loan ( You will receive books or electronic (pdf) copies of the articles within one or two weeks. To be on the safe side, request the Interlibrary Loan articles as soon as possible.
Assignment: Write a 750-word double-spaced paper on a contemporary issue in structural engineering. Use at least two references and list them at the end of the paper. Due date: Monday December 8, 2014.

Professional Assignment 2 – PE License and Lifelong Learning (20 bonus points)
Write a 400-word double-spaced paper answering two questions:
1. What are the reasons for obtaining the Professional Engineer (PE) license for civil engineers; and
2. What are the requirements for continuing professional development as a part of the PE license in
Use at least two references and list them at the end of the paper. Due date: Monday December 8, 2014.
Note: Your papers must be in your own words. Copying and pasting from Internet or other sources will not be acceptable.

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