Stress Related Disorder

| September 28, 2015

Stress Related Disorder

Create a case study of a school age child or adolescent who would qualify for diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, or trauma and stressor related disorders. Include the symptoms you may see in the school setting in your case study. Explain how you would work with a student diagnosed with the anxiety disorder selected. Remember to use peer-reviewed articles and DSM-5 information to develop your case study and select evidence-based counseling techniques to address the student’s needs.

Please use- Diagnosis: Adjustment Disorder ( with anxiety if you choose) The Stressor: brought on by a child who was removed from her parent(s) and placed in foster care. You can choose the reason for the child being placed in foster care and having to change schools. Common situations are drug abuse, physical abuse on the child, domestic violence or the parent having mental health concerns.

One recommendation I would make would either be to transfer the student back to her original school if possible. And or attempt to see if the child could speak so some of the staff from her old school.

Parent recommendations should be 2 parts bio parent and foster parent

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