| March 23, 2015

To develop a presentation on strategies to cope with stress and promote wellness. The presentation will be an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint slideshow. Online students must provide detailed speaker notes (under the each slide – what will you say if this was a live presentation). PowerPoint presentation use backgrounds that don’t obscure the text. The text of the actual slide should be in bullet points and phrases (no long wordy stuff). Pictures can be used without citation as this is not a “for profit” document.

Describe the cognitive, emotional, and physical effects stress can have on an individual.

What are some of the connections of stress to disease?

Explain two to three effective strategies that can reduce stress.

Describe how the strategies can reduce the negative effects of cognitive, emotional, and physical aspects of stress.

Include a final slide to list your references (remember to list them correctly with the author’s name, year of publication, etc.)

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In his book Stone Age Economics, anthropologist Marshall Sahlins refers to hunting and gathering societies as “the original affluent societies”. Evaluate Sahlins’ claim using evidence from Richard Lee’s ethnography The Dobe Ju/’hoansi and John Marshall’s

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