Strategic Marketing Plan

| June 19, 2015

The ‘Strategic Marketing Plan (Part I)’ as assignment one provides you with a hands-on experience in understanding the concepts related
to the strategic marketing management and specifically in applying this plan to SportUNE. Additionally, this marketing plan will also
enhance your understanding ofthe opportunity analysis through critical aspects such asforecasting the market knowledge, segmentation,
targeting, differentiation and positioning.

Please accessthe SportUNE’s website to retrieve more information aboutthe business offerings

1.ldentifythe relevance ofthe mission, SMART objectives and hierarchy of strategiesfor SportUNE.

2.Define the

industry in which your SportUNE will compete by assessing the industry’s five competitive forces and highlightthe appropriate conditions
for the strategic fit of prospector/analyser/defender/reactor strategies.

3.Discuss the market and industry attractiv enessthrough macro

and micro level analyses in orderto addressthe strategic challenges ofthe SportUNE’s business.

4.Briefly discussthe relevance ofthe

marketing research for the strategic decision-making ofthe SportUNE’s business and identify the influence of product, pricing, distribution
and promotion policies on marketing decisions.

5.Describe the significance ofthe overall segmentation, targeting, differentiation and

positioning strategiesfor the SportUNE.

Obviously some theories and concepts in Chapters 1- 7 will be more relevantto the Strategic

Marketing Plan (Part I). You must choose which ones are more relevant and explain why the are more relevant. You must appltythe concepts
and theories you have learned from your reading ofthe text to the Strategic Marketing lan (Part I) analysis and not just list or escribe
them. Please try to keep your assignment within the total word limit.

You must use correct referencing ofthe textbook and other

resources used in your assignment to passthe assignment. Use of more references may attract higher marks. Marks will be deducted for
incorrect referencing and poor presentation (ie., spelling and grammar). lfthere is no re erencing in your assignment it will be deemed to
be plagiarism and the plagiarism policy will be enforced. You will receive a higher mark for applying a critical analysisto your


Please refer to the marking template below forthe way in which the marks will be distributed. Also referto the grading

system outlined in this unit guide for how grades are given for the assignment.


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