Strategic Market Plan

| April 21, 2014

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Your company is C1 Optimum. You have other 3 competitors. You need to compare your company’s performance with other competitors and also do analysis of your own company based on the data provided.
You and your competitors have three products(TST, CVE,SSL) to sell in three different location( Region 1, R2, R3)
Your 12 periods history with income statements, market share, quality…etc can be found under results folder.
1, competitor analysis 3 pages (1.5 pages for each competitors excluding step c)
a)Static Analysis
b)Dynamic Analysis
c)Create Normative Position of Brands with the worksheet,
d)Insights Derived
e)What insight you got and how you utilize it to yours.
2, Consider other factors 1.5 pages
a) research the current trend in video game industry, TV industry, and shot laser industry because our products (TST, CVE, SSL) are Total Spectrum Television, Computerized Video-DVD Editor, and Safe Shot Laser. Describe how our products can be successful. Check the “product” file for more details of our products
b) Consider external strategy-relevant factors/variables not captured in portfolio display
B1)-Social/cultural factors
B2)-Technological factors
c) Core competencies / skills of management and workers
d) Rate of capability utilization
e) Input factors (decision variables such as price, advertising, sales force)
f) Output factors (performance variables such as quality)
3, Develop Alternative Target Portfolios (1.5 pages)
Laying out marketing strategy.
Strategic market plan.
a) Objectives- what we want to do
b) Strategies- Strategic market plan
4, Checking your financial balance. (1 page)
Check the “source and use of cash” file.
a)According to the source and use of cash graph, Can your company peruse the strategy that you suggested on step 5?
b) enter amounts under year 4 based on the strategy that you suggested on step 3.
5, Conclusion- a few sentences.
6, Citation.
Need to be from reputable sources.
o Detailed outline with research citations
o Journal articles cited
o Web reports/pages cited
o Graphs/Tables/Illustrators
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