Strategic management- evaluation of the article.

| April 29, 2014

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This paper should be submitted direct into UK Turnitin system, Please make sure plagiarism free.
Make sure all parts of criteria below are accomplished within the paper. You need to choose a famous organization within the paper. Thanks.
More information see attachment.
Evaluation Criteria
Summary the article and critical review of the article and related areas (150 words )
Clear identification of evaluation criteria
Applying the selected evaluation criteria to the current approaches of named company
The completed assessments should be provided as a critical evaluation of the article, which also responds to any specific questions.
A critical evaluation comprises a number of criteria: Introduction and review of the article; Development and testing of evaluation criteria; Response to specific questions, Conclusions with any recommendations or opinions. Marking will be based around these criteria.
• Level 1 Clear evidence of a review of the article provides an indicative level of 1. Evidence can be provided through:
o Annotation of the article itself, by highlighting / written summaries.
o Evidence can also be provided by a separate, typed review etc.
• Level 2 Clear evidence of critical evaluation provides an indicative level of 2. Evidence is usually provided through:
o An initial introduction and review of the article.
o Clear evaluation criteria, which are tested during the discussion, with relevant responses to any specific questions.
o There should also be evidence of relevant wider reading, from other sources.
o Evidence is usually provided as a typed paper of around 3 pages.
o A cover sheet should be provided including Student name, Number, Title and submission date. A list of references should also be included at the end.
• Level 3 By exception, it is also possible to achieve an indicative level of 3. The critical evaluation will include:
o All of the above.
o Testing the evaluation criteria from a number of relevant perspectives.
o Responses to specific questions will include additional insights and information, gained from a variety of sources.
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