Strategic management assignment

| May 15, 2019

Public managers need to be able to position their organizations to achieve desired program outcomes by utilizing fundamental strategic management

techniques. Managers may be charged with diagnosing complex situations and resolving them in ways that enhance organizational performance. Throughout

this course, you have learned strategic perspectives on the management and leadership of public sector organizations. Now for your final project, you will

develop a strategic management white paper that can be used to guide decision making for a public or nonprofit sector organization. To do this, you will select

three public, nonprofit, or governmental organizations and research their strategic management practices to make recommendations regarding effective

strategies and best practices in strategic management. Your recommendations should be targeted toward the leadership and management of any public sector

or nonprofit organization; you do not need to focus specifically on making recommendations for the three organizations you selected. Rather, they will be your

basis for making recommendations for public and nonprofit organizations in general. Your white paper should be written so that it could be presented to the

leaders of a public, nonprofit, or governmental organization.

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