Strategic Human Resource Management

| March 26, 2015

Strategic Human Resource Management


Prepare approx. 5-page case report and 10-minute power point presentation analyzing the case and addressing the questions at the end of each case.

Please consider the background of the company, the issue at hand and the impacts of the actions that the company took when writing the report. You can add value to your analysis by reviewing further information on the companies and the topic that the case discusses through literature, internet, company itself.

Introduction Virgin Media was created from the merger of NTL, Telewest and Richard Branson’s Virgin Mobile and is a part of Liberty Global plc, the world’s largest international cable company. In the UK, Virgin Media is the first ‘quad play’ provider, meaning that they provide broadband, TV, mobile phone and home phone services. The company has invested over £13 billion and owns the UK’s largest fibre optic network, making it the biggest privately built network. In the first quarter of 2013 Virgin Media had 4.49 million broadband subscribers. As a forward thinking company Virgin Media is at the forefront of digital technology, with its engineers researching the technologies that could be possible 20 years into the future. As well as investing in new technology Virgin Media continually invests in the people who work for the company, maintaining Richard Branson’s philosophy that engaged and motivated employees lead to happy customers, which in turn leads to shareholder gain. ‘Great people, connected to delighted customers, connected to great business results.’ The company believes that its employees need to both understand and believe in the journey of the business and the personal role they can each play in its success. This applies to all employees. There are a range of careers at Virgin Media from apprenticeships out in the field in areas such as installation and service to a variety of graduate opportunities. Virgin Media’s apprenticeship programmes, which consist of light work using screwdrivers rather than heavy duty maintenance work, are attracting a growing number of females into its technician roles year on year. As well as work experience and traineeships there are a wide range of career opportunities in the three main business areas: • Serve which includes roles in customer support and service technicians. • Growth which includes sales and retail. • Support which includes roles in finance and health and safety.

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