Stop Flu at School

| October 29, 2014

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The state of Hawaii’s Public Health Nursing Branches (PHNB) currently administers the school based mass Flu Immunization clinics annually, otherwise known as Stop Flu at School (SGAS). The PHNB, in an effort to increase flu immunization rates for the general public, wants to know:
How can Public Health Nurses target parents and families of school age children to educate them on the importance and benefits of vaccines to increase vaccine rates and what does the literature say about trust, beliefs, and safety in the flu vaccine and what that means to parents?
A written report to provide to the PHNB must include the following:
1. An introduction of the problem or question
2. A discussion of current Evidence-Based Literature Reviews.
a. The articles discussed must be provided in the appendix of the report
b. The articles must be current and from reputable evidence based health care/science/research sources
3. Recommendations must also be included
**This is a report that will be given to Hawaii’s Public Health Nurses. Please use literature that pertains to the state of Hawaii whenever possible! Please create a creative and professional title for the paper.
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