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How do you figure out how many shares are issued and which ones are considered treasury?

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1. Stockholders’ Equity: Show your work 9% Preferred Stock, $100 par, 300,000 cumulative shares authorized 150,000 issued?$ 15,000,000??Common stock, $5 par, 2,000,000 shares authorized, ____?______ issued, 950,000 shares outstanding? 6,000,000??Additional paid in capital??? From issuance of common stock? 10,800,000??Total Contributed Capital?31,800,000??Retained Earnings?42,900,000??Less: Treasury Stock? (5,000,000)??Total Stockholders’ Equity?$69,700,000?? How many shares of common stock are issued? How many shares of common stock are in treasury?


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