Stock Transaction Analysis

| May 19, 2015

1350-word performance report + 8 Harvard References

Summary Analysis – Each group needs to prepare a summary report on their portfolio simulation experiences. This should include both qualitative and quantitative analysis. You also need to discuss your trading strategies and their results. Highlight your best and worst trade and discuss each in depth (note that this may or may not be your biggest gain and biggest loss.) Also, you should compare your results with each of the three indices using the various performance indicators discussed in the class (e.g., Sharpe Measure, Treynor Measure, and Jensen’s Alpha). It should be prepared in a Word file.

This will be due on 23 May, 2015

Best trade:
ALL purchased stock is Chinese stock listed in the US. Especially for LFC and CTRP

the construction of Shanghai World Trade Area in China
over the past three month, the growth of the two purchased stock is more than 1.7%

Worst trade:
During the last week transaction, two stock FINL and FORD, just want to make more profit, did not properly research the background of the two companies and earnings and other informatio .n

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