Stock-Track Report

| July 24, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Discussion of the long-term personal goals — why are you investing?

  1. A developed financial plan to meet your personal goals — systematic plan of investing that has as

its objective the accumulation of a set amount of money at a future date. Requires preparing a

short-term and long-range budget.

  1. Evaluation of the consequences of contingencies for your long-term goals and financial plan —

review and plan for problems such as poor health, disability, death, or loss of job.

  1. Explanation of how you built your portfolio to meet your financial goals:

o The decision between personal vs. professional money management. For Stock-Trak

“professional” management is limited to mutual funds.

o Discuss your personal preferences for risk and expected return.

o Explain how you establish portfolio objectives and construct a diversified portfolio to meet

those objectives. Some portfolio objectives include: growth, income, liquidity, and balance.

o Explain how you incorporated asset allocation principles into your portfolio.

o Explain how you plan to conduct periodic reviews and evaluation of your portfolio.

  1. Analysis of weekly holding period returns for your portfolio and S&P500 benchmark.
  2. Calculation of ex-post risk measures for your portfolio and S&P500 benchmark (betas, standard

deviation, correlations).

  1. Risk adjusted performance analysis. (Sharpe, Jensen, Treynor and appraisal techniques).
  2. Discussion of the performance of your portfolio in terms of security selection, market timing, and

diversification (performance attribution procedure).

  1. Discussion of risk management techniques you utilized.
  2. Discussion of overall evaluation of investment performance.

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