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| May 5, 2015

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Step back in time, before the 4 breaches of PHI were reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services� Office for Civil Rights � You are (at least for now) Axe Health System�s Privacy Officer. You have just discovered all 4 breaches and need to determine whether you need to report these breaches to the attorney generals of the states in which the patients affected by the breaches resolve. You already know that they need to be reported to the Office for Civil Rights.
Choose any four (4) state medical privacy laws and imagine that Breach #1 impacted the residents of one state, Breach #2 involved the residents of another state, Breach #3 affected the residents of a third state, and Breach #4 impacted residents of a fourth state.
For example, you could imagine that Breach #1 impacted only residents of Hawaii, Breach #2 affected residents of Rhode Island, etc.
In 2-3 pages, please discuss what type of action you will need to take to address each breach in the Summary of the Events under the state law that you choose.
Please cite each law and describe whether the law is more or less strict than HIPAA and why.


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step back in time
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