Statistics Summary article

| October 21, 2015

Statistics Summary article

Choose an article.


The article should be peer-reviewed.


Summarize the article in your own words.


Discuss 5 topics of:


(Quartiles, Percentiles ,Mode ,Geometric Mean ,Median ,Weighted Mean , Mean )




(tem-and-Leaf Display, Cumulative Distributions ,Histogram ,Dot Plot ,Relative Frequency and Percent Frequency ,Distributions , Frequency Distribution )


1- Clearly demonstrating your knowledge of the topic and how it is being applied in the article.


2- Remember: this class is about making decisions and how to understand and apply statistics in order to make better decisions.


3- Discuss the opinion/decision/why that was covered in the article.

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Statistical thinking is as important for effective citizenship as the ability to read and write


Category: Statistics

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