Statistics Project

| March 27, 2015

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This is a group project and if you have any question just ask me.
For this project you are to conduct an Experiment. You will need to provide a detailed description
of your project, highlighting how the data were obtained, the variables used (including units), and
your objective. Your project needs to be typed and plots can be made using any software of your
choice. Only one project (with each member�s name) per group needs to be submitted. After
providing the description, please answer in detail the four questions below. Your project should
include all the observations used.
Note: All your answers must be in the order in which the questions are asked, otherwise you will
be deducted 20%. Note: Even if only one answer is out of order you will still be deducted 20%.
1. (25%) State your experiment�s objective in terms of the Null and Alternative Hypotheses.
2. (25%) Test your Null hypothesis at the 5% level of significance. Make sure to check that all the
conditions/assumptions have been met.
3. (25%) Construct a 90% confidence interval for the parameter of your null hypothesis.
4. (25%) What is the probability that you observe a value of 0 that is 1 standard deviation greater
than your estimated value (based on your sample) of the parameter.


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