Statistics 2

You are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and your understanding of the content in the assigned readings as they relate to the issues identified in the conference discussion. Please make your own contribution in a main topic by 11:59 PM ET on Thursdays as well as respond with value-added comments to your classmate by 11:59 PM ET on Sundays. When posting a main topic, please start a new thread and put the discussion topics there. Two substantive contributions (one main topic and one response) are required to get the weekly points of credit for Weekly conference. Late postings are not accepted.
Please choose one of the following topics as your main topic posting for Week 2:
(1) What statistical measure do you use / see most often?
(2) Why does the Census Bureau publish the median household income? Why shouldn’t the Bureau publish the mean household income?
(3) If you are told that the variance of a data set is 0, what conclusion can you make about the observations in the data set? Why?

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