State Government Professional Services Agency Australia (PSAA)

| May 19, 2015

Professional Services Agency Australia (PSAA) is a Government funded not-for-profit organisation employing approximately 220 FTE across Queensland. It provides housing services, support and advice for disadvantaged members of the community.

PSAA is looking to develop a workforce planning document for the organisation. To support the development of the workforce plan a HR Committee has been created. In preparation for the development of the plan the HR committee are seeking a report to address issues identified that may inform the HR plan.


The PSAA HR Committee would like to engage you/your team to deliver the following activities:

1.    A report that describes strategies to address the key challenges confronting the PSAA (outlined below). (Note: Some strategies may address multiple challenges).
2.    Develop recommendations (6 to 8) for the committee on how the committee should proceed.

The Situation:
PSAA is facing a number of important challenges as it attempts to meet the needs of its key stakeholders. These issues should be considered in responding to the report requested by the HR committee:
1.    The current economic climate means that while demand on the business is likely to increase in the next 2 to 3 years there is little additional government funding expected beyond CPI increases.
2.    PSAA must invest in development of employees to remain competitive and sustainable.
3.    Employees at PSAA work in a highly stressful environment and are often required to deal with disgruntled clients; as such the organisation needs to ensure these risks are controlled.
4.    PSAA has low turnover and there are limited opportunities for promotion.
5.    Currently limited opportunities exist for professional development across the business
6.    PSAA’s age demographic suggests that 25% of their employees are likely to retire in the next 7 years.
7.    PSAA’s current workforce profile shows that 69% of the employees are women and 42% of these women are between 25 and 44 years of age.
8.    PSAA currently employees only 2% of Indigenous employees. Representation of employees in this target group should be increased.
9.    There is limited compliance with the current performance planning tool.
10.    There are challenges in attracting temporary and part-time employees for short to medium term relieving.
11.    There are poor customer service outcomes such as; long wait times, regular client complaints, often incorrect or poor delivery of services.

Business Objectives:
1.    To maintain a level of resources that enables high quality service delivery to current and future clients;
2.    To maintain financial, social and environmental sustainability;
3.    To ensure continuous improvement in meeting service requirements;
4.    To invest in attracting and developing the right people to encourage diversity and high quality work outcomes;
5.    To continue to provide competitive remuneration and flexible options for employees –  particularly families, and;
6.    To create a flexible workforce that can adapt to changing strategies and demands

Business Values:
•    Integrity
•    Efficiency
•    Accountability
•    Teamwork
•    Quality
Other considerations:
•    The current organisational structure could be considered relatively flat in areas
•    The organisation currently remunerates staff using the relevant awards
•    Employees receive additional benefits including:
o    corporate rates for gym;
o    private health insurance;
o    an employee assistance program, and;
o    flexible working arrangements (however, it appears there is little uptake of this initiative due to small teams and the nature of the work being undertaken).

Assessment Criteria    Possible Marks
1.    Clear and concise executive summary that includes key recommendations (approximately ½ page)    40
2.    Introduction includes a discussion of the broader environmental context that impacts this organisation (approximately ½ page)    50
3.    Describe strategies to address the key challenges confronting the PSAA (outlined below). Includes the application of appropriate conceptual frameworks/models/ theories supported by scholarly references.    180
4.    Present action-orientated recommendations (6 to 8) for the committee on how the committee should proceed.     80
5.    Overall professionalism of report, readability, presentation including clarity of expression, accurate grammar and spelling.    50


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