STAT 509 Assignment# 6

| May 19, 2015

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  • Due Date
  • May 18 @ 11:50pm
  • Assignment submission:
  • When you submit an electronic file (assignment) you must use the following format: This is for: LAST NAME (in upper case), your first name, the course code, activity/assignment number and file format
  • For example: SMITHJohn-STAT509-A1.doc

Assignment: (Show your work)

  1. Use the ANOVA table below to answer the following questions:
  • How many groups are being compared? (1 point)


  • What is the F critical value at an alpha of 0.05? (1 point)



  • What is the F-value? (1 point)



  • What is your decision in comparing the group means? (1 point)






Source Sum of Squares Degrees of freedom Mean of squares     F-value
Between group variation 103.3 2
Within group variation 72.0 12
  1. Three samples were selected from three different populations. Use the information shown below to answer the following questions:




  • What is the overall mean (grand mean) for all the groups? (2 points)






  • What is the critical F value? (1 point)




  • At α=0.05, can one conclude that there is a significant difference in the means. Use the test statistics method to answer this question. (3 points)







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