Starbucks Packaging Stimulus

| July 9, 2016

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Suggest ways to increase the amount of attention received by a marketing stimulus or Come up with a new stimulus that you expect would maximize the attention given for the packaging of the Starbucks coffee in retail stores. In coming up ideas, you may want to consider: -The specific goal of the stimulus (e.g., a need to draw attention to new information or the need for a product to stand out in the retail setting so that it will be more likely to be chosen) -The target audience that you are trying to reach and issues especially relevant to that target market; Common habits and lifestyle choices that may affect opportunities for exposure -Aspects of the message to which it may be most important to draw attention -The extent of involvement that the consumer group would likely have with this product category or brand and implications for willingness to process information -The extent to which ad avoidance and/or habituation may be significant factors—and, if significant, how to address these -The complexity of any message and implications for comprehension—i.e., is a message difficult to understand? If so, what can be done to increase the likelihood that it will be correctly understood?

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