Standard Paper for seat belts

| June 19, 2015

Standard Paper for seat belts

Project instructions:
Note: Just do part 2 and 3 in the following paper outline instruction. The mechanical component has been chosen, which is seat belts. And have the references in Chicago Manual of Style.
Instructions for Standards Paper
This is a technical paper that will be used to assess your understating of standards. As a team of
three or four, choose a component/structure/system in which various standards, including safety
standards, are applicable. Do a library search on these pertinent standards and write a quality
1000-1200 word report on your findings. Be sure that enough extra detail/information is included
to reflect that each person significantly contributed. Add statement in the end on contribution of
each team member.
Paper requirements
The paper length is 1000-1200 words (typed, 12pt New Times Roman or equivalent, single
spaced, 1.5?? top, bottom, left and right margins, Word document). You should follow strictly the
paper outline listed below. All sections and subsections listed in the outline must be present in
you report. Use references, figures, and tables to support your statements and findings. Do not
use footnotes. Use author-date citation system (see The Chicago Manual of Style for reference) and list references
in the alphabetical order. The references should include at least two standards relevant to the
paper?s subject. In addition to the technical content, quality of writing and formatting will be
considered. Use a spell checker, write in third person, sign your name on the title sheet, use
quality printout and paper.
Paper outline
1. Introduction
1.1. Discuss importance of standards in engineering design
1.2. Name standards related to mechanical engineering practice including safety
2. Problem description: describe a contemporary mechanical component/structure/system
3. Applicable standards: discuss various standards, including safety standards applicable to the
design of the chosen mechanical component/structure/system
4. Impact of standards on design decisions: discuss impact of standards on the design of the
chosen mechanical component/structure/system
5. Conclusions
6. References


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