Stages of Public Policy

| July 22, 2015

Stages of Public Policy


Public policy does not occur all at once. Before the public policy process begins, a determination is made that a problem warrants change through public policy. The public policy-making process occurs in stages which include agenda setting, policy formulation, policy implementation, policy evaluation, policy change, and policy termination. Each stage has its own purpose and each contributes to the overall public policy-making process. In addition there are environmental factors or variables that might impact the public policy process at each stage. For example, social factors, economic factors, and political factors influence the public policy process at each stage. To gain a better understanding of public policy-making, it is important to examine each stage of the process and recognize the differences among them.


Submit 150 – 500 word response: Due by Thursday 7/16/15 a brief description of the two stages of the public policy process you selected. Then, explain at least two environmental factors that might impact your role as a citizen or a public policy administrator at each public policy stage that you selected. Finally, explain any insights you had or conclusions you drew as a result of completing this assignment.



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