Spring Break Extra Credit Assignment

| April 3, 2014

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To complete this assignment you must attend an exhibition in a gallery or museum. There are no restrictions about where this exhibition is but you must see it in person and take pictures to record your experience. This assignment is much like the gallery reviews that we have done in class but more in depth and will require you to research the artist and develop a personal interpretation of a work.
The paper must be two pages, along with the pictures that you have taken of the exhibition.
Include in the paper:
The title of the exhibition, this usually is based on a theme that the work is based upon.
Who is/are the artist/s in the exhibition?
What is the work discussing? What themes are being emphasized?
Pick a single work by an artist.
What is the artist’s name?
Research this artist and give a brief description of his/her history and education and what media he/she works with
What is the subject matter of the piece?
Determine if the work is abstract or representational and say how you have made this determination.
It is very important that you refer to your textbook and use the vocabulary that we have discussed in class to describe the artwork that you have chosen. I want you to describe the work in detail using visual terms to talk about the composition and how this effects your interpretation of the artwork.
You will be graded based on your ability to articulate an opinion of the artwork based on its formal elements.
Line. Form, shape, volume, mass, texture, space, time and motion, and value
Contrast, balance, unity, variety, rhythm, emphasis, pattern, scale, proportion, and focal point
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