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| February 11, 2014

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There are no resources required for this assignment.
I have attached the 3 spreadsheets to be worked (P04_76, P04_114 and P05_74) for the 4 problems. I have also attached scans of the book for the problems identified below. There are also 5 example spreadsheets provided that will give you an idea of how he wants the data presented as well as the Spreadsheet Modeling presentation the professor mentions below.
The professor is really big on using SOLVER w/in Excel to answer the questions. Please utilize…
Below are the instructions. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Please do the following problems:
4-76: First provide an algebraic formulation.
4-77: First provide an algebraic formulation (base it on the formulation I discussed in the lecture). After solving the problem as stated and discussing the solution, consider an alternative scenario that allows for backlogging up to 20% of the demand for any given month (round down the backlogging limit to the nearest integer). Provide the modified formulation, and solve and discuss the solution for the updated problem. Note that in order to get meaningful solutions (without and with backlogging), it is important to require the number of employees hired and fired to be integer; however, do not set the production and backlogging amounts as integer. Also, make sure to set the “Integer Optimality” gap (under Options) to 0 before running Solver.
4-114: First provide an algebraic formulation.
5-74: Draw a complete network diagram for each part. Also, when implementing the model in Excel, use the generic Excel network implementation structure (as, for example, in the “RedBrandLogistics1.xlsx” implementation).
Finally, please make sure to use good spreadsheet modeling practices (see slide 4 of the Spreadsheet Modeling presentation). For this assignment, part of the grade (6%) will be used to for assessing you spreadsheet modeling practices.
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