sports economics (superstar effects and transfer fee in premier League soccer)

| April 21, 2014

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The main reasoning that is prevalent in the English premier lineage us that the teams that buy superstars end up with the best results and that a person is a superstar given the amount that most of the clubs are willing to pay for him. This paper will look at the reasoning behind the above assertions.The paper will supply an overview of the finding of the research conducted to prove the assertions. The paper will use empirical data analysis approaches in dealing with the issue of superstar transfers and the fees that come with the transfers on the clubs attitude and performance in the field.

When you use the STATA to analyze the data, I want to discuss the relationship of wage bill of teams(includes superstar in this team) andthe teams net income(gate fee, sponsorship, TV broadcast and so on). and the relationship between wage bill and the table score. Cause I assume that Team with higher wage bills typically have more superstars, so they can have better performance. I had gathered some data but it is for 1 year and I need you to find at least 5 more years data. Of course set the wage bill as independent variables and teams income and score table as depend variables. After you run the regression, please explain what you find and copy the regression chart from STATA to the paper. I need at least 4 regressions.
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