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| June 25, 2015

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MQP Research project
How to write your mini – dissertation

1. Format

• Use Arial or Times New Roman
• Use font size 12
• Use double spacing
• Align LEFT or Justify
• Use Page numbering

2. Title Page

This should include the final title of your dissertation and your name, course title AND WORD COUNT.

3. Table of Contents Page

Use the feature in Microsoft Word to insert the contents page. Include page numbers after each heading or subheading

4. Table of figures

Use the feature in Microsoft Word to insert the table of figures

5. Abstract
The abstract has three paragraphs. You can start writing the abstract now. However this is the last thing to do after completing your project but comes after table of content
Paragraph 1 – talks about what you are researching. 
Paragraph 2 – talks about how you are researching.
Paragraph 3 – talks about your findings

6. All chapters should start like this

Chapter 1
Introduction/Research Background

Chapter 2
Literature review

Chapter 3
Research methods

Chapter 4
Data analysis, findings, and discussion
(If you are doing both secondary & Primary or field research)

Findings and discussion
(If you are doing ONLY secondary or deskwork)

Chapter 5



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