Speed and accelaration

| January 29, 2015

You are driving toward a traffic signal when it turns yellow. Your speed is the legal speed limit of v0 = 55 km/h; your best deceleration rate has the magnitude a = 5.18 m/s2. Your best reaction time to begin braking is T = 0.75 s. To avoid having the front of your car enter the intersection after the light turns red, should you brake to a stop or continue to  move at 55 km/h if the distance to the intersection and the duration of the yellow light are (a) 40 m and 2.8 s, and (b) 32 m and 1.8 s? Give an answer of brake, continue, either (if either strategy works), or neither (if neither strategy works and the yellow duration is inappropriate).

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Speed, distance and accelaration

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