SPCH 277 Week 2 Written Assignments, Listening Analysis

| September 22, 2016

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SPCH 277 Week 2 Written Assignments, Listening Analysis
1. Listening Analysis: First, read the Week 2 Lecture on listening, and do the Listening Exercise to evaluate your listening skills. Then, use that information to describe an instance when you failed to be an effective listener.
Next, answer the following questions in one succinct paragraph each (be sure to apply some of the material from Chapter 5 when constructing your response).
1. Where in the listening process did you break down? (Be sure to note the specific stage of the listening process that broke down. See Figure 5.3 on pages 104 and 105 for more information.)
2. What was the reason you failed to listen effectively?
3. What could you have done differently to improve your listening?

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