Southern Co Case Study

| May 13, 2014

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Here arevsome instructions for the Case analysis from my instructor: 1# Your case analysis should include references to the material in the book, and show how what you think is important in the case relates to the topics in the material in the book. In addition, the case analysis should include additional material from outside sources, such as industry information 2# the text book is : • Managing & Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, by Keri E. Pearlson and Carol S. Saunders, Fifth Edition, copyright 2013, Wiley, ISBN 978-1-118-28173-4 3# Southern Co is Case Study Of Chapter 10 ( in the end of the chapter) (see P.321)You should read it to analyze the case. I will upload the pdf for the text book. I will attach documents from my instructor has instruction how should the written case analysis should be and Example for write up case analysis to help.
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