"Sonny Blues"

| May 19, 2015

Read instructions in the file I have uploaded. The story I am supposed to write about is Sonny Blues by James Baldwin, and it is on page 95 in the book. I need the writer to have that book because we are supposed to cite pages and use quotes from the story and we need to cite the pages and line numbers. Also, we are supposed to use 3 sources, not more and not less. Also, the sources has to be scholarly and it would be great if it could be taken out of the library database that it is on my school webiste. I will provide the writer the info on how to get in there using my password, once I know that the assigned writer has access to the book. Also, the paper should have one main point that if focuses on, like the music in the story, or the black community in the story. Again, articles must be used to either support the point, or the point should be used to support to not agree with the articles. Or, some articles can be used as support and some articles might go against my (the writers) point and that should be shown in the paper using quotes from the articles etc.

I hope this makes sense, please read the file attached with the “real” instructions and remember that the story I picked is “Sonny Blues” by James Baldwin on page 95.

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