Something around "Experiential marketing

| September 30, 2015

1- first of all I need research title and research questions: this has to be done on the basis of identifying a gap in current literature, so the research will address something not researched before.
2- research purpose: (exploratory, explanatory, descriptive) this has to be well defined from the beginning.
3- research approach (deductive or inductive).
the population (I live in Saudi arabia by the way), sample size and sampling technique).
4- research strategy9Survey, case study, grounded theory. etc)
5- data collection methods (quantitative or qualitative or mixed methods).

some notes on the above requirements:
– for every choice I need justification for choosing one over the other and this should be related to the research questions and objectives.
– proper citation.
-data collection will be real, I will collect real data and give it to the writer for analysis.

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Something around "Experiential marketing
Something around "Experiential marketing


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