Some analysts argue that American power is declining in world affairs. Assume that this assertion is true: what will happen to the global balance of power? Will it become more or less stable?

| April 29, 2014

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Argumentative Essay
1) The argument includes the reasons why one believes the answer to be true.
2) The argument of the essay should be stated in a single sentence, preferably the first sentence of a short essay
3) It should be stated in a way that includes a succinct reference to the reasons why the writer has taken his or her position
4) Every subsequent paragraph in the essay should be directly tied to the argument.
5) Analysis: Spell out the connections in concrete detail. Make the connections clear and explicit.
6) Substance: use concrete and specific examples to demonstrate the validity of a specific point. no Theoretical observations. The argument is to be rooted in a substantive reality.
7) Empirical evidence
8)Authoritative opinion: make sure that the opinions cited are indeed "authoritative."
9) All references must be properly cited, use the Modern Language Association system, and Bibliography
10) Clarity: Make sure that you have written a transition sentence linking one paragraph to the next. Avoid jargon or ambiguous words.
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“The World Bank is a de-facto government – but a government that has no parliament to scrutinise its policies and no electorate to whom it is ultimately accountable” (Jones and Hardstaff, 2005).
The importance of Israeli influence in the United States and how it impacts decisions made in the region


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