Solar Paint

| February 6, 2014

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Solar energy is the cleanest power source that is recyclable despite being the most abundant energy source in the world. It is with this notion in mind that research on new methods of harnessing solar energy is done. This has led to the manufacture of solar paint by research institutions with the leading innovator being The University of Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame in 2011 made a great breakthrough in their research and development when the researchers managed to come up with solar paint. This paint was made by researchers with the aim of replacing of solar panels in the harnessing of solar energy. Developers at the University of Notre Dame have dubbed the paint “Sunbelievable” owing to their belief that they could be able to improve the efficiency of the paint and use it to harness electric power commercially. Despite having the same appearance as other paints in the building industry used in varnishing of houses, the paint has unique abilities. The outlook of houses and any other exteriors spread over by the solar paint, and other kinds of paint are the same (Figo, 2012). This study aims at giving the description, reliability, and future technology related to the solar paint aimed at the achievement of cheap method of harnessing the power….ORDER NOW…
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