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| February 6, 2014

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The differences between the technical documentation, user guides, and maintenance guides created during the software development process.
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Software development life cycle form is also called as waterfall model which is followed by greater part of systems. The technical user the documentation it caters to different user tasks and meets the requirements of users with varied experience and expertise. The technical writer should be able to differentiate between the users and system administrators. In each user documentation they should have different description according to the software thus The functional description document grants information on the system requirements and the services accessible thus this document should offer a comprehensive overview of the software and the end-users should be able to make a decision whether this is the software they are looking for after going through the introductory manual (NASA, 2008) A document created by the manufacturer of software that provides detailed installation and operation instructions is called User Guide. In the user system installation document it’s specifically meant for the system administrators and this document should give information on how to install the system thus the system installation document should have an explanation of the system files and the hardware configuration required…ORDER NOW…
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