| February 25, 2015

Therefore a minimum 6-8 page research paper will be required for this class. MLA format should be used throughout this paper. Pick one of the authors from the book and study the background and historical setting as well as any other works necessary to determine whether the author was influenced by history or had an influence upon the history, politics, art, music, science, philosophy or psychology of his time or our current time. (no personal pronouns, no plagiarism* At least 250 pages of research for each page written. Must use multiple sources-NO Wikipedia). 1. Clearly stated and arguable thesis. 2. Effective marshalling of evidence in support of thesis. 3. Clear organizational pattern. 4. Adequate paragraph development. 5. Paragraph unity and coherence and appropriate and accurate documentation, paraphrasing and “Works Cited” listing at the end. 6. Is free of grammatical errors. 7. Is tailored to the appropriate reader and writing situation/purpose, contains complex sentence structure and effective word choice (including title) and is concise.

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meditations and other metaphysical writings

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