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| September 21, 2018

SLO Common Topic Assignment


Improve:  Critical Thinking, Communication (Writing), and Quantitative Skills 


The United States Supreme Court has decided that same-sex couples have the “fundamental” right to marry.

Obergefell v. Hodges, 2015).

Same-sex marriage is a complex and complicated issue that causes polarization of society like no other social concern. 


1. Using your own cultural knowledge and social awareness, make an argument either supporting, or opposing same-sex marriage. (Your cultural knowledge is made up of your beliefs, values, norms, religious philosophy, traditions, customs, and ideas).

2.   Include in your argument at least 1 organization that supports your position.  The organization can be a local, state, or a national organization.  What are some of the values and beliefs that you share with the organization?(you CAN”T include church as an organization)

3. As scholars, it is important to remember, that to truly understand the different perspectives of an argument, debate, or discussion, it becomes essential to “take the role of the other”.  To better understand this concept, include in your paper an explanation as why someone would feel differently than you concerning the issue of same-sex marriage. (Ex: Once you make an argument in support of same sex marriage, create a converse position as to why you think someone would oppose it!

4.  Current research data provided by the PEW Research Center illustrate that opinion toward same-sex marriages has changed over time.  Please click onto the link to review statistical analysis:

Write a short conclusion as to which demographic would most likely oppose same sex marriage and why.  Which group is more likely to support same sex marriage? why?


1. Students are encouraged to present their position(s) in an intellectual and scholarly manner.  Personal views are acceptable in the paper.  Students are not to include:  negative, offensive, or insulting concepts, terms, or phrases that is tantamount to hate-speech.

2.  Students will use a scholarly research/writing format APA or MLA.  (Students will be required to go to the campus writing center for assistance with the assignment.  Points will be deducted for failing to submit the assignment in the required format discussed in class.

3.  The research paper should be a least 3 full-pages long, addressing all 4 components in the assignment. 

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