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In Chapter 7, we are told that Social Exchange Theory essentially entails a weighing of the costs and rewards in a given relationship. Rewards are outcomes that we get from a relationship that benefit us in some way, while costs range from granting favors to providing emotional support. When we do not receive the outcomes or rewards that we think we deserve, then we may negatively evaluate the relationship, or at least a given exchange or moment in the relationship, and view ourselves as being under-benefited. In an equitable relationship, costs and rewards are balanced, which usually leads to a positive evaluation of the relationship and satisfaction.

Write about a friendship situation where the balance was uneven.

How did you feel?
What went on in the relationship and were the emotional outcomes?
What did you do in the end or are you still in this friendship?
Use one of the videos linked in the content area as well as your textbook to respond to the topic questions. Remember to cite the video and your text using either MLA or APA style. If you have a hard copy of the Flat World book, then cite using page numbers. If you use a digital copy, then cite using chapter and section numbers. If you do not cite, your posting will not be graded.
All Work must be cited
Title: Communication in the Real World: An Introduction to Communication Studies, v. 1.0
Author: Richard G. Jones, Jr.
ISBN 13: 978-1-4533-5202-1
Ted Talks: The mothers who found forgiveness, friendship (9:54)
Ted Talks: Why veterans miss war (13:08)

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