Socially Responsible Ethics and Business

| June 19, 2015

Socially Responsible Ethics and Business
Write from an overall view describing the broad aspect of Socially Responsible Ethics and Business. Be sure to cover course objectives #s 1 – 8 (written below) in your paper.
1. Examine and evaluate current literature on corporate social responsibility.
2. Compare and contrast the theories, models, principles, and practices of corporate social responsibility.
3. Analyze the role of governmental and quasi-governmental regulatory institutions in establishing and maintaining corporate socially responsible standards, policies, and practices.
4. Explore teamwork and diversity issues, within the context of corporate social responsibility.
5. Analyze the risks of corporate social responsibility.
6. Compare and contrast the global views and practices of corporate social responsibility.
7. Analyze, compare, and contrast the role of leadership in establishing and sustaining corporate socially responsible policies, and practices, within the contexts of organizations, industries, nations and the global community.
8. Analyze and apply socially responsible corporate practices to contemporary business problems.
Socially Responsible Ethics and Business
Rokaisha Pelham
Argosy University

Socially Responsible Ethics and Business
I. What are business ethics?
A. What does the law say about business ethics?
II.What is corporate social responsibility?
III.Why should a business act ethically?
A. Government needs businesses to help with the social and economic issues.
B. Ethical companies gain the trust of stakeholders.
C. Ethical companies gain a competitive advantage.
D. Ethical companies earn a stronger position in the stock market.
IV.What are the effects of acting ethically?
A. Financial costs include equipment and labor.
B. Non-financial costs include impacts on the environment.



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