Social Work Assignment

| November 30, 2015

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Describe three things you already knew and three things that you have learned from this course experience. You may refer to theories, concepts, or research knowledge; how you would apply course content and experiences to your world of work or practice; or how the course has affected the development of your professional identity.

Identify how you would create your professional practice if you were hired in the nontraditional setting, based on what you learned from this course. Specifically, describe and analyze the tenets of solution-focused therapy and motivational therapy with substance abusers. Articulate your evaluation with appropriate citations and references from scholarly materials. Use an outside article in addition to your courseroom readings, and cite and reference appropriately.

Describe the techniques of therapy with substance abusers and discuss the contribution to your knowledge. Then, describe how you have grown personally and professionally as a result of completing this course. Be as specific as possible and reference and cite your sources.

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