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| February 9, 2014

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Document of TV: View at least 4 different Television Programs and document the social Problems you observe. Then use the information and at least one other source to explain and analyze those problems sociologically. If possible, these were the TV show I was looking at: That 70’s Show; History Channel, History of Cocaine; The 700 Club, Pat Roberts; and Gangland on the History Channel. Any other show will work just fine, as long as it has 4 TV shows..
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The research paper is an analysis of four different television shows/programs from where observable social problems or issues are documented. Additionally, the social problems are explained and examined sociologically. It has been documented that social issues or social problems do affect each and every social settings whether large or small in size. Additionally, it is evident that even regions that seem isolated and have sparse kind of population one or more groups of those inhabiting such regions will experience some sort of social problems. Generally speaking social issues are affairs which openly or obliquely affect a person or many members of a society and are deemed to be tribulations, disagreements that relates to moral, values, or beliefs
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Sociology of Education
Social networking makes people life become difficulty


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