Social Problem Analysis: Prostitution

| May 28, 2014

For this essay you need to analyze a social problem of your choosing. Your essay should address each of the following points listed below.
•Define and describe the problem: Provide statistics, research, examples, or personal experiences as needed.
•Justify why the problem you have selected is important or deserves attention: In other words, why does it matter…why should society care about the problem you have selected?
•Studying the Problem: What is the best way to study the problem you have selected?
•Discuss possible causes of the problem: For example, what groups, people, events or factors do
you think have caused the problem or continue to perpetuate it?
•Discuss the consequences of the problem: For example, how is this problem affecting individuals…groups…society in general?
•Discuss possible solutions to the problem: For example, what can realistically be done about the problem? Who is responsible for making things better…the individual…corporations, business, or other organizations…government?

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Mold: Why this topic is a health and safety problem, protective measures for employees and any recommended procedures that should be implemented to reduce employee exposures/concerns.
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