Social Networking

You are an e-marketing and e-commerce consultant. Mary and Joe Johnson, the owners of Book Bunker, have hired you to help them create a comprehensive plan to utilize social networking in their marketing and advertising programs. Utilizing the knowledge you have of this organization from your previous report, you will need to give them a detailed report on how to utilize social networking sites to improve their online presence and local foot traffic.

Here is my checklist of the points that should be in this report.

  1. Explain what social media is – they want details.
  2. How do companies utilize social media?
  3. Recommendations for how Book Bunker can utilize social media.
  4. Explain and detail what Web 2.0 is.  What does it mean for Book Bunker.
  5. Give the Johnson’s an overview of the basic concepts of Web 2.0 and how using Social Media and the Web 2.0 would be beneficial to Book Bunker.
  6. Provide a background report of 20 companies over and aboveFacebook, Twitter, and YouTube that they could utilize.  This background report should be presented to the Johnson’s in a Matrix format that lists the name and the URL of each of the 20 companies and details exactly how the social media site would apply to their bookstore (in other words how can Book Bunker use the social media site to their benefit.
  7. Of the twenty social media sites that you have detailed which ones would you recommend that Book Bunker use (since it would be implausible for them to utilize all 20).
  8. Write a report of how you recommend that the Johnson’s implement a social media campaign (what are your specific recommendations).
  9. Detail how you believe that social media will improve the Johnson’s business?

Be very specific with your instructions to the Johnson’s.  They are not familiar with Social media and they need you to guide them with your expertise.

Remember all with all the information and educational materials you are providing the Johnson’s you are developing their social networking strategy.

Use At least 1500 words formatted in APA style, Plagiarized work will not be accepted

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