| May 20, 2015

The purpose of this assignment is to actively engage with various social media marketing platforms with blog being an anchor. It would require you to apply various theories as well as tactics/strategies to populate, promote and measure the success of your blog.
This assignment will involve the following:
1. Creating a blog using Blogger or other blogging sites of your choice.

2. Blogging regularly about social media marketing related activities that you come across. It can include posts on social media activities by companies, examples of successful use of social media activities that you have come across and your thoughts on it, examples of poor use of social media activities, a comment on different social media marketing tools/platforms and comments on efficient use of social media marketing and so on.

Your blog should be insightful, interesting and thought provoking posts about social media marketing matters.
3. Promoting your blog using tactics learnt in the lectures, textbook or any other creative ideas. Your aim is to be a successful blogger in this area.

4. Using objective measures to assess your success.

5. Preparing a report  which would include your blogging activities during

the semester, promotional activities and a discussion on evaluation of the blog using objective measures.

You will be assessed based on the following points:
• Regular updates of the blogs
• Content of the blog – interesting, reflective and well written
• Promotion of the blog – creative, regular and thoughtful.
• Measurement – objective measures
• Discussion – overall discussion in the report; clarity of thoughts, justifications and demonstration of critical thinking.

The word limit of the end report is 1000 words.
The word limit of the blog post can vary and not restricted.


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