social media campaign

| October 20, 2015

1. This coursework forms by 12 posts in the wordpress + 1 pecha kucha presentation + 1 final reflection paper. I have open and create the accounts, they are in the file ‘accounts’. The cause of this campaign is ‘getting people to read’. Please do read my last assignment (campaign portfolio) first to better understand the topic of this campaign.

2 . We needs to upload minimum 12 posts in the wordpress and updates to facebook and twitter as well. Please posts every day. And 100-200 word for each blog please. Photos and graphs are needed as well.

3. The file ‘A2 format’ states the complete instructions for this assignment. please follow the orders inside.

4. For the pecha kucha presentation (10 slides, 20 seconds for each slide). Please write 50 words for each slides.

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Social Performance of Organizations
Stock Valuation

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