Social Media and Business

| April 23, 2014

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Visit the major, publicly traded company TWITTER.COM page.
Evaluate their use of this social media tool and how they use the tool to deliver good news and
bad news to their stakeholders. Set up your assignment following these guidelines:
Introduction (present an overview of the company you have selected, the link to their blog, wiki or
Facebook page, and a general description of the media format that is used, blog, wiki, or Facebook.)
Evaluate how the company uses the media for the delivery of good news and bad news in these areas:
Public/Customer Relations
Market Research
Internal Communication
Potential Risks (Discuss the company?s potential risks for how they are using this social media.)
Recommendations (Make recommendations for how the company might improve their use of the social media tool in the delivery of good news and bad news.)
include an Introduction, Conclusion and a Reference page.
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