Social Justice in Early Childhood Education

| November 13, 2015

Social Justice in Early Childhood Education
Assignment 1
Assignment 1 task (a) details
Task (a)
Length: 600 words
Submit your Assignment 1 task (a) and (b) as a single document
Discuss in your pod and then individually write a paper on children’s awareness of diversity
Begin with collaborative work:
1. Begin by researching and sharing a minimum of one source of information on on any aspect of diversity. Ensure that sources collected are current, credible, reputable and relevant to academic studies. It is expected that students will engage with the unit information and readings and also source other information using the online resources available from the library.
2. identify research studies that demonstrate the ages at which young children demonstrate an awareness of diversity. The diversity areas encompass exceptionality, cultural diversity, family diversity, gender identity, linguistic diversity, socio-economic difference and/or sexuality.
? Provide a short discussion of why you had chosen this area of diversity and the significance of this area for you personally. Discuss this in relation to your own lived and/or professional experience.
? Use the literature (referenced appropriately) to critically support/ and or contest the findings of children’s developing awareness of the aspect of diversity chosen (a minimum of five of references is required). Literature should be sought that provide the differing perspectives of researchers and reputable writings on the topic. Therefore, you may have literature that both supports and contests the findings discussed.
? Provide an analysis of why you believe this area of diversity is an important topic for early childhood. In this analysis, consider inclusive curricula and ways of inclusive practice.
? A reference list is required for Part A using APA style
Assignment 1 task (b) details
Length: 800 words
Submit assignment one task (b) with task (a) as a single document
What Do the ABE Goals Mean to Me? provided in topic 2. The original questionaire was adapted from Lamm’s work and has been reproduced in Derman-Sparks & Edwards, (2010, p.9) Anti-bias education for young children and ourselves.
Then, construct a mini essay of 800 words. This to be written as an essay with a short introduction and a conclusion in paragraph format. Use literature to support and/or contest your ideas.
• In the body of the essay, provide a critical response to the questions on anti-bias given (500 words). It is expected that you will focus on at least three questions given in the quiz.
• Finish with a 200 word personal evaluation of ways to create and establish inclusive practice. Consider authentic ways to reflect and accommodate children from differing backgrounds including culturally and linguistically diverse children.
• Ensure a separate reference list of all sources is included for part B.
Question 2 text
How do I promote my own comfortable, empathetic interactions with people from diverse backgrounds?
This is a hint answer
I will be open minded, treat everyone equally by trying to understand the persons point of view whilst coming to a mutual agreement ensuring respect.
Feedback to assist answering the question
To further your thinking on this, watch and reflect upon the following video Together for Humanity Documentary 2011
Question 4 text
Under what circumstances do I cultivate my ability to stand up for myself and for others in the face of bias?
This is a hint answer
4 When seeing myself or another person in the face of bias I will stand up for them, I will find a way to reason with the person. I would try to allow the person to become aware that they are being bias. If this is not effective I will tell them I do not like it whilst defending myself and maintaining an open mind to understand/ see their point of view.
Feedback to assist answering the question
If you are confident in making a stand within children’s services in relation to bias read the fact sheet Exploring diversity and equity in education and care services.
If you are still on the journey of confronting bias and prejudice read Exploring Multiculturalism, Anti-Bias and Social Justice in Children’s Services by Miriam Giugni.
Question 6 text
What might be ways for me to develop each of these goals in my work? In my professional life?
This is a hint answer
I will learn about others around me by listening and keeping an open mind. I will also try to help educate others about acceptance, allowing them to become aware of different circumstances/situations they will also face. I will value diversity by looking past appearances and beliefs.
Feedback to assist answering the question
Read and reflect upon the article Discrimination and Children’s Services
View and reflect upon the video The uniqueness of every child (Professor Carla Rinaldi – Thinkers in Residence)
NB: The areas of diversity referred to in Task B should differ to the area of diversity chosen for Task A.

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