Social control Theory

| October 21, 2015

This is a 15 page essay as follow:
the 1st 5 pages are about the book ” Vold’s Theoretical criminology” sixth edition. Authors: Thomas J. Bernard, Jeffrey B. Snipes, and Alexander L. Gerould.
Please refer to the end of the chapter’s 5 questions in order to write the 1st 5 pages.

the 2nd 5 pages are from the book ” Of Crime and Criminality:The Use of Theory in Everyday Life.” Editor: Simpson, Sally.
Chapter 8: The Social Control of Corporate Criminals (Shame and Informal Sanction Threats).
From pages 141 to 157.
Again, please refer to the end of the chapter’s 5 questions to base the 5 pages.

3rd 5 pages: Is a Summary of the attached article, implication, results, how were the data gathered etc.


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case memo
A critical analysis of the impact of health informatics on healthcare.

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