Soc 343 Social Ladder Inequality

| July 15, 2019

Your pick of questions to choose from? Remember this goes thru the site turnitin (NO Plagiarism)

Soc 343 Social Ladder Inequality

Choose 4 questions (each worth 25percent of the total score/ each answer should be 1-1.5 pages – 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and double spaced). You should include the question number and then your answers should “fully answer” the questions. Use examples in order to illustrate your points and most importantly demonstrate that you understand the course materials. 

You should always include sociology, sociological concepts, sociological concepts, and use your sociological imagination! Your turn it in the score must be below 20%.

1) Identify 10 Stratification/inequality sociological concepts that you have learned in this class. Explain each. Give examples.

2) Define Globalization. Give 2 examples of how Globalization reduces inequality. Contrast with 3 examples of how Globalization increases inequality. Give both domestic (US) and global examples. Describe who wins and who loses in each situation.

3) What is social inequality? Give 3 examples of inequality as a “social problem.” Contrast with 2 examples of how inequality can be a personal problem.

4) Describe the current “social class structure,” “income,” and the wealth distribution of the United States. Compare and contrast the views on “class” of Marx and Eric Wright.

5) Describe what is meant by the “racialization of poverty and welfare.” List 10 myths & truths about the poor. Who are the poor?

6) Define “social stratification.” Why did Max Weber distinguish between economic class and social status inequality?   Thoroughly describe the spheres of status in the U.S.

7) Compare and contrast the pluralist view of the power structure, to the ruling class and the power elite. Use each perspective to explain a current social issue (such as the affordable care act, defense of marriage act, or immigrant rights).  


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